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Andromeda rug

Finished the Andromeda Mandala rug!
Loved it and will def make another with the correct stitch count (I screwed up somewhere along the lines, but managed to weasel my way out of a disaster 😉 )
I used 9 skeins (two strands together) of Sugar’ Cream (it is softer than Peaches & Cream)

Still needs to be washed & blocked 🙂

Thank you Lilla Björn Crochet for the pattern!


Irish Crochet Rug

Irish Crochet Rug from the book ‘Decorating with crochet’

Used double strand of Peaches & Cream (Salt & Pepper).

I omitted the tassels in the last round and did a row of double crochet instead. That made the edge curl a bit, doing it again, I’d use less stitches and maybe do trp crochet instead.

I’ve also omitted the woven strands, I may do them later, not sure.

Obviously not washed / blocked yet. It’s for our new house and will move next week, so I’ll just do it once we are there 🙂

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