Goodwill & Walmart scores today.
The box with knitting needles and hooks was 99 cents incl. the box!
And now I get to try grips fir the hooks, cool (edit: They work great! I always had a sore spot in my palm after a while).
There’s at least one old bone hook and two wooden ones in there too 🙂
Also got a wood shelf (real wood) for 20 bucks.
Funny that pressed wood is more expensive there (same as in furniture stores).
They jacked up the prices on books, left two knitting and a cook book behind, booh. 😉
Got the skein of yarn cheaper since no tag and ruffled up.
It was the last one though and I need it 🙂
(PS: It’s all wound and already halfway used up in the Virus Shawl, thanks to another wait at the dentist office for hubby)
And laugh of the day (or not): The girl at the Goodwill cashier asked me (just tried to be friendly), if I already had applied for the senior card. Uhm, nope,….
But at least at Walmart they keep asking me every time if I’m already over 40 😛